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Vodka for freedom!

“Unavailable in Russia”

2013 was the year of 200 years of diplomatic relations between The Netherlands and Russia, and as a result of a diplomatic row following the arrest of 30 Greenpeace activists it was probably the worst of these 200 years. In Russia itself, it was the year of the escalation of attacks on the opposition and human rights activists, limiting the rights of the LGBT community, and of the early release of several political prisoners and continued imprisonment of many others.

2013 was also the year that a new vodka saw the light.

The new vodka Inostrannyi Agent – Foreign Agent is not an ordinary vodka. It is a premium vodka of the highest quality, but its quality goes well beyond its smoothness and taste. It is a vodka that contributes to the defense of civil liberties in Russia. It has been put on the market by the Foundation Inostrannyi Agent – Human Rights Initiative for Russia, and a significant part of the sale price will go to this foundation, to support its work in defense of civil society in Russia. By drinking our vodka you contribute to our goal. For more information:

You can support our work by enjoying our vodka. Na zdorovie!

We will soon publish information where our vodka can be purchased.

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Pouch for freedom

Pouch for freedom

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Vodka for freedom

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foreign agent vodka!