Foundation Inostrannyi Agent – Human Rights Initiative for the former USSR

Who are we and what do we stand for

The Foundation Inostrannyj Agent – Human Rights Initiative for the former USSR became active under this name in 2013 in response to the ever growing repression of civil society in Russia. However, its history goes back to the 1970s and 1980s. This history is inextricably connected to repression and persecution on the territory of the former USSR, and in the course of time it has had several names and identities. In that respect the Foundation is a bit of an “agent” itself, adapting itself to changing circumstances and needs.


We are not a “front” for any intelligence agencies, nor do we receive any funding from them. We carry the name “Inostrannyi Agent” (foreign agent) in reference to the Russian law of 2012, according to which non-governmental organizations that are “politically active” and receive financial support from abroad have to register as “foreign agents”. The foundation believes that this ridiculous law has been enacted to curb or even destroy civil society in Russia. Our work is based on the deep conviction that human rights are universal and their violation is of concern to us all. In that light we reject the notion of “foreign” or “interference in internal affairs”. As a protest we have decided to use the label “Inostrannyi Agent” as a badge of honor.


The foundation is a non-partisan and non-religious charity, based in The Netherlands and registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam (reg. no. 41217609). Even though an important part of our work has to be done without publicity, we wish to be fully transparent to our donors and supporters in how we use donations.

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